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Time Travel Science Fiction - Time Vandal Series
M. E. Bowling


M. E. Bowling - Time Vandal - Time Travel Science FIction

M. E. Bowling spent most of his childhood years shuttling between various Air Force bases in Europe and the United States. As a child in a military family, he attended 12 different schools before he was 14 years old.

He has lived in such cities as Knoxville TN, Dayton OH, Topeka, KS, Kingsport TN, Atlanta GA, San Antonio TX, Prague CZ and Hahn and Lautzenhausen, Germany.

Avid Star Trek fans M.E. Bowling (right) and his
older brother Tracy at their home in Lautzenhausen.

He lived from the ages of three through seven overseas as the child of an Air Force Staff Sgt. Living in on-base housing at Hahn was always his favorite memory. Thrown together with the children of other Air Force enlisted men, he quickly learned to easily make new acquaintances. This trait would serve him well in the many moves to come.

M.E. Bowling (front center) with his Uncle Jim and
his brothers Nathan and Tracy - Base Housing, Hahn.

Upon returning to the United States in the early seventies, the family spent time in Knoxville, Tennessee, while the father, Jess Bowling, finished his Electrical Engineering degree at the University of Tennessee.

After Jess' graduation the family was back in Tennessee, this time in Kingsport. He went to work for Eastman / Kodak as an electrical engineer.

The Bowling Boys with their grandfather Ralph Holtzclaw

But not long after the father re-entered the Air Force as an officer, and moved the family to Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio and subsequently San Antonio, Texas. The family continued to move about with Jess' assignments, until he resigned his commission and the family settled back in Tennessee during the author's high school years.

M.E. Bowling studied communications in college in Knoxville. During this time he also ran an Entertainment Monthly (Cabin Fever Magazine), intent on making a living in publishing. It stayed afloat for 14 months, affording him the chance to make a living without having a boss. Eventually, of course, the time came that he could no longer cover the 240 dollars it took in those days to print a thousand copies of a 16 page black and white tabloid.

He had to close it down.

While in Knoxville he also played in various punk and rock bands (Barbed Wire Sheila, SelfMonster, The Plan, Labrabbits). For seven years he plied his trade in the surrounding area, regularly filling such clubs as the LIbrary, Planet Earth, Mercury Theater, and of course Gryphon's Laundry.

Mike (left) with Barbed Wire Sheila - Christian Lange Photography

In the early 90''s Mike left the United States to return to Europe, this time to Prague. It had recently thrown off the yoke of communism and was an exciting place to be for a twenty-something with a creative bent.

After settling in, he founded Freak Parade with Rebecca Eastwood of Leeds.

They toured as much of the continent as they could in the next few years, and it was during this time that the author began writing his novel Pigeons Aren't Psychic. Although never published, the novel was a serious lesson on the amount of effort required to actually finish a book.

Mike (left) with Freak Parade - PraguePhotographer.com

Three albums and a two compilations later found the band finally splitting up for good, in early 2014. It wasn't long after that Mike realized he would need a new outlet for his writing. Gone were songs, so maybe he'd try writing a novel again? And the Time Vandal series was born.

Euphrasius' Basilica - Porec, Croatia

He is currently writing his third novel, as yet untitled. He resides in Prague, Czech Republic, with his wife and daughter.

Some quick fun-facts about the author;

He once managed to successfully flee a police helicopter.

He once ate a Big Mac onstage at a vegan music festival.

He was present at the death of GG Allin.
He has survived six different motorcycle accidents.

Feel free to ask him about any of these if you ever run across him. He loves to tell a good story.

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About The Author

M. E. Bowling spent most of his childhood years shuttling between various Air Force bases in Europe and the United States. As a child in a military family, he attended 12 different schools before he was 14 years old.

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